Tarvisio / Tarvisio (IT) - a town with 4683 inhabitants

Only 7 km from the Carinthian-Italian border, one has the opportunity to rehearse his Italian and to buy Italian delicacies such as panettone, prosecco and parmesan in the stores. Visit the "rag market" in Untertarvis.

Distance from Faak 36 km

Villach (AUT) - Experience downtown

Today Villach - marked by vitality and a southern flair - especially the main square with its side streets. The Villach town with its Italian-style squares is the stage for a variety of events .... and of course, the downtown with a diverse mix of boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants and much more.

Faak 9.5 km

Klagenfurt (AUT) - Excellent Old Town

Between modern and old are in the dragon city there is a wonderful symbiosis. One of the most beautiful old towns in Austria (three times awarded the Europa Nostra Diploma) has been renovated with a lot of empathy, made of more than 50 courtyards open to the public. In the historical passages and courtyards today modern boutiques, popular clubs, cozy dining areas are located. Complemented is the city with modern architecture, which emphasizes the development of the city as a vibrant center.

Faak 39 km